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Post-Show Report of CGFF 2020

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Post-Show Report of CGFF 2020   The 10th Asia Pacific Floor Fair (CGFF 2020), the First Large-scale Floor Exhibition in China since January, was successfully staged during August 11th-13th, at China Import & Export Fair C

Post-Show Report of CGFF 2020

The 10th Asia Pacific Floor Fair (CGFF 2020), the First Large-scale Floor Exhibition in China since January, was successfully staged during August 11th-13th, at China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou.


Pool of Industry Players Flooded In!

Featuring 300+ brands, all participators felt excited to witness the whole floor industry, which froze in the past 5 months, to melt, get hot, and boil during this 3-day events.


A varied collection of star products and leading-edge technologies were presented here by many old friends and featured exhibitors, such as Xiangjiang, Sanmu, Zhiye, Tangpu, Jingjiang, Dongsheng, Jingchuan, Xingyi, Liji, Zhuangzhou, Aobote, Weier, Yuanyang, Peiqi, Jufeng, Hengli, Chaoguan, Yangming, Haicheng, etc.


Professional Associations Participated with Buyer Groups!

Dozens of professional buyer groups, organized by 20+ floor industry associations across China, such as Hebei, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Jiangxi, Henan, Liaoning, Hubei, Hunan, Chongqing, Sichuan, had visited the show to look for the suitable suppliers.


Guangdong, the Access to Considerable Demand!

Located in Guangdong, the province covering great demand of Pearl River Delta, CGFF is considered as an ideal promotion platform by GNT, Zeal, Tiansland, Naidisi, Dingji, and many other industry players. According to many exhibitors, such as Tiansland, another reason that they chose CGFF 2020 among many other industry trade shows is its professionalism.


For many companies, including overseas brands like Esken and Euclid, Guangdong is home to many of their important customers. “Our new factory in Jiangmen, city of Guangdong, is constructing,” said the Chinese partner of Esken, an American sealer brand entering China in 2016.  


Business Kept Going During the Epidemic.

When it came to Covid-19, many companies believed it does bring an effect on their business. “But we kept receiving new orders at home and aboard”, many exhibitors said. Among them, antimicrobial flooring has become a buzzword, rising along with the demand from hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, cleanrooms, etc.


Meanwhile, most coating manufacturers had turned their eyesight into “Going Green”, as an increasing number of residents are aware of the need to protect and conserve our environment.  


National Policies Brought a Bigger Market

The state supports also boosted numerous demand in China. According to Meiqiao, a manufacturer of pervious concrete, the national focus on creating Sponge Cities has brought the company much more orders. Peiqi, specialist in sports flooring, revealed the importance of physical education in China, adding that they had received many orders for reconstructing sports venues during school closure.


2020 China Top 10 Floor Contractors & Floor Brands Awards Ceremony

To encourage more innovation and push the industry toward the higher grade, the Awards Ceremony was held after months of professional selection by numerous industry players, revealing the level of top contractors and floor brands in China.


Gathering some 400 ranking companies from 26 provinces and cities in China, the whole event successfully created a showcase and communication platform for top players, leading the way for insiders to search their ideal flooring suppliers and contractors.


Attracting Nationwide Insiders With High-Caliber Activities

Besides the Award Ceremony, a series of other activities were held as well, attracting attendees from nationwide companies, associations, research institutes, state agencies, professional media, and etc. 


Ø Partial Featured Live Activities

∙ The 10th Asia-Pacific Floor Summit

∙ 2020 Kingcom Floor Sales Seminar

∙ 2020 Asia-Pacific Floor Design Competition Awards

∙ The 5th Anniversary Conference of Guangdong Flooring Association

∙ National Excellent Floor Projects Display

∙ ...

While CGFF 2020 is brought to a successful close, a new page is being turned over for 2021! Please stay tuned for the show’s latest update at!