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Business Intelligence

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由多媒體公司投資出版的《商訊》月刊,是英文《澳門商業》月刊的中文姊妹刊物,於2005年9月創刊,每月初發行。 《商訊》月刊擁有獨立的編輯部和編輯方針,並在香港、廣州、深

《商訊》月刊擁有獨立的編輯部和編輯方針,並在香港、廣州、深圳、珠海和上海等地聘有特約記者,力求從深度和廣度上提供並分析商業資訊,填補澳門長期缺乏 中文商業和財經類期刊的空白。它致力於透視澳門商界動向,包括博彩、旅遊、會展、零售 、物流和地產業的發展,同時聚焦珠三角地區的商情變遷,關注大中華經濟圈的商機消長。 


As a sister publication of Macau Business, Business Intelligence in Chinese is run and published by De Fição Multimedia Projects in Macau. It was launched in September 2005 and is released in the beginning of every month. With its own editiorial department and full policy autonomy,  Business Intelligence aims to be the definitive source of business information with the in depth analysis through the effort of local reporters and correspondents in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Shanghai. The editorial focus falls on the pillar industries of Macau including gaming, tourism, MICE, retail and property sectors, with an attentive eye on the developments of the pan Pearl River Delta region, and economic climate in the Greater China.