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CGFF 2017 Successfully Concluded

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By CGFF Committee CGFF 2017--China Guangzhou Int’l Floor Fair, the largest professional Industrial & Commercial Flooring Exhibition in China was held this May in Guangzhou, China, successfully marking it&rsquo

By CGFF Committee

CGFF 2017--China Guangzhou Int’l Floor Fair, the largest professional Industrial & Commercial Flooring Exhibition in China was held this May in Guangzhou, China, successfully marking it’s 6th year! Thanks for your strongest Support to CGFF! 
Exhibitors With Various Quality Products
On an exhibition floor of about 20,000m2, over 180 exhibitors from well-known enterprises at home and abroad represented a wide range of sectors, such as flooring machinery (Ecan, Merrock, Yayao, Roadway, Somero, XingSheng, etc), floor materials (Topu, Daer, GNT, SPR, Well, Bucks, etc), floor systems (POLYFORTE, Fengshoume, Zeal, AMG, etc), grinding tools (Stone Master, Yongfeng, Rende, etc), floor maintenance (LanZhiDun, TianHai, etc), curing materials (Benu, etc) and so forth.  
Most exhibitors spoke highly of CGFF 2017 and regarded it as a favorable platform which promoted not only the flooring industry in China but also the comprehensive technological exchange among worldwide professionals. Some exhibitors even made booth reservation for the next edition on the spot which fully suggested the effectiveness of CGFF 2017 and exhibitors’ great anticipation for CGFF 2018.
Visitors From All Parts of the World
As was recorded by our visitor management system, more than 15,000 visitors with high purchasing power have attended the trade show. Though the percentage of oversea visitors remained at around 10%, the sheer number of oversea visitors this year hit a record high, including 260 pre-registered international purchase groups from over 23 countries and hundreds of on-site-registered oversea buyers. Owing to the supports of media and associations nationwide, domestic visitors from outside of Guangdong, such as Fujian, Shandong, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Sichuan, Anhui, etc, contributed greatly to the 30% increase of total visitors.   
2017 Asia-Pacific Floor Summit
Having been held 4 years in a row, Asia-Pacific Floor Summit is now widely regarded by floor professionals as a must-attend annual event for the latest technologies, concepts, applications and market trends. 
This year, CGFF was very honored to invite representatives from key industry players like SpecChem, Mapei, AdityaBirlab, Bucks, Daer, Libo, etc, to share the latest findings of their companies in front of an audience of over 150. Their topics covered the latest technological progress and applications of resin flooring materials, waterborne polyurethane mortars, waterborne epoxy flooring, self-leveling cement, etc, all very popular floor products in China.
Besides technology and experience exchange between speakers and audience, this summit also served as a very effective promotion platform for speaker enterprises to demonstrate their leading positions in the industry.  
Partial expert speakers and their speech topics:
Mr.Achim Kilppstein from AdityaBirla: Waterborne Epoxy Flooring of High Performance, Low Emission and Cost;
Mr.Shen Jinru from Mapei: Features and Applications of Self-leveling Cement in Mapei Brand;
Mr. Liu Quanhuan from SpecChem: Application of Waterborne Polyurethane Mortar on Food Industry;
Dr. Qiu Qinghua from Daer: Technical Progress on Environment Friendly Resin Flooring Material, etc.
Live Demonstration on Self-leveling Floor Construction by Mapei Group
In addition to displaying their quality products as our esteemed exhibitor, this year Mapei Group also volunteered to host the live demonstration program of floor construction open to every show attendees for free. This world leader in adhesives and chemical products showed us their superb construction technique of self-leveling floor for 2 days straight, face-to-face interacting and communicating with on-site professionals. 

Designed for enterprises to share new technology in the most direct and vivid form, this educational program attracted thousands of on-site professionals to participate. 

Asia-Pacific Architectural Design Week 
Now that the basic function of buildings is no longer a problem, people begin to switch their attention to the aesthetic aspect. Against this market backdrop,  Asia-Pacific Architectural Design Week was held to promote China’s architectural design industry and to boost decorative building material market. 
This world-class event provided attendees a wide choice of over 20 fascinating free activities, including architectural design forums, experience exchanges, design competitions, out-standing designs displays, etc. Gathering top designers, professional associations, influential media, quality decorative building materials suppliers, etc, this grand gathering of over 1000 professionals made quite a splash in the architectural community. And the presence of decorative floor paints leaders, like TASSANI, OIKOS, Palazzo Savoia, Bucks, Easydeco, Modern Masters, etc, helped add extra appeal to the event.
2017 China Sports Venue Construction & Development Forum
With the implementation of National Fitness policy, an increasing number of sports venues are being built in China. To draw insiders’ attention to this emerging market trend, 2017 China Sports Venue Construction & Development Forum was concurrently held with the trade show, focusing on the upgrade and transformation, management, and environmental application for sports venues.
Featured with speakers like Pro. Tan Jianxiang, Head of Operation and Management Research Center of China Sports Venue Association, Mr. Wang Guangxin, Chief Architect of Chinese branch of ROSSETTI, Mr. Frank Xuan, President of Chinese branch of Lumosa B.V., etc, this forum attracted hundreds of sports venue contractors, architects, constructors, operators, managers, scholars, investors, etc, which provided a great business opportunity for our sports flooring exhibitors like Kingbon Sport, Tonwell, U-Crown Sports, Fengchang, etc.
Sincere Gratitude Toward Global Media Partners 
Apart from our 120 loyal domestic media partners, this year CGFF made a major breakthrough in association cooperation, establishing new partnership with influential floor associations from Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Jilin, etc, which was very vital to the success of this year.
Based on the successful experience and unexpected effect of CGFF 2017, the next edition of CGFF must be an the highly anticipated event. CGFF 2018 will meet you again in Guangzhou next May!
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