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2016 China Itinerant Technology Promotion and Exchange Meeting Sweeping Across South and Central China

Author:By CGFF Committee Source:  Updated:2016-12-12 10:12:28 Clicks:
2016 China Itinerant Technology Promotion and Exchange Meeting Sweeping Across South and Central China By CGFF Committee Kicked off last December, 2016 China Itinerant Technology Promotion and Exchange Meeting, hereinafter re

2016 China Itinerant Technology Promotion and Exchange Meeting Sweeping Across South and Central China

By CGFF Committee

Kicked off last December, 2016 China Itinerant Technology Promotion and Exchange Meeting, hereinafter referred to as the Meeting, so far has chronologically stopped by Dongguan City, Chongqin City, Shenzhen City and Xiamen City, exerting influence over South and Central China.

Influential Organizers and Sponsors

Initiated by Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group and Guangdong Flooring Association, which are the committee of CGFF (China Guangzhou International Floor Fair), this constructive and educational event has gained supports from tens of China’s renowned floor enterprises and other related local organizations, including GNT, Kingcom, Sika China, Polyforte, Well, Zeal, SPR, Ecan, Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology, etc.  


Sweeping Across South and Central China

The Meeting is initially aimed at improving the quality of floor construction by familiarizing attendees with different floors’ features and construction methods. However, judging from the actual effects, not only has the Meeting helped train insiders, but also strengthened communication among floor companies and brought effective publicity to our sponsor enterprises as well as to CGFF2017. Hosted by the same committee as CGFF2017, the Meeting has not only consolidated CGFF’s status as the most influential floor fair in South China but also helped CGFF to expand its influence into Central China. Through this event, the name of CGFF has been deeply imprinted on the mind of insiders from both South China and Central China, which helps ensure us a wider source of potential visitors and exhibitors. As the Meeting moves onto the heartland of Central China, we will also dig deeper into its market potentials, in order to compress the best industry resources of South and Central China all into CGFF 2017. What’s more, The Meeting has also brought the CGFF Committee closer to regular and potential exhibitors to listen to their needs and to later organize CGFF2017 according to their advice, which will effectively optimize CGFF2017’s service. The Meeting is also a fulfillment of CGFF’s promise, which is to help China’s floor enterprises to grow stronger in order to make their way into international markets.


Colorful Contents

Depending on different circumstances, contents of the Meeting in different places will vary slightly. But on the first day of the Meeting, it generally consists of presentations about the future of the floor industry and the features of various kinds of floors, such as waterborne epoxy floors, resin floors, cement based floors, colorful anti-skid floors, self-leveling floors, etc, and the experts who gave us those inspiring speeches included Mr. Chen Lin, General Manager of Polyforte, Mr. Guo Yue, Associate Director of Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology, Mr. Liu Taiping, General Manager of Z-B Pigment, Pro. Zhang Qiyan from Hechuangyuan, Mr. Zhou Hongliang, Chief Technology Officer of GNT, Mr. Wang Jialiang, General Manager of Baichen, Pro. Qiu Qinghua, General Manager of DR Novel Materials, Mr. Liu Huaiqing, Chief Technology Officer of Well, and so forth. These informative speeches are usually followed by a lovely meal shared by attendees in laughter, accompanied by wonderful performances and culminated in an exciting raffle with bountiful prizes. For the next day, attendees will be provided with a chance to see the floor construction process performed by professionals up close or even to experience the process themselves, during and after which experts on site will generously answer everyone’s questions. In this way, our participants can better keep the knowledge they have acquired in mind. If conditions permit, guests may even be invited to take a tour to floor paint factories.   

To sum up, the Meeting has so far trained over a thousand insiders in China, and besides achieving its initial intention, it is also yielding many unexpected results, such as the publicity of CGFF2017. However, the Meeting is far from its finish line. In the near future, it will move forward to provinces like Shanxi, Shandong, etc, spreading floor technology and knowledge, and reminding people of the approaching CGFF2017.  

We will keep you updated on the latest information about the Meeting on Twitter, our website, etc, through which you can also register as CGFF2017’s exhibitor or visitors.


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