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Water-based Floor Paint to Dominate China’s Floor Industry

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Water-based Floor Paint to Dominate China’s Floor Industry By CGFF Committee   Have you heard of it? The word on the street is that water-based floor paint is going to dominate China’s floor industry! One reas

By CGFF Committee


Have you heard of it? The word on the street is that water-based floor paint is going to dominate China’s floor industry! One reason is that water-based floor paint itself has countless advantages, such as its strong wear resistance, environmental friendliness, safety, high adaptability and so on. However, there are still many other factors that help water-based floor paint to gain the upper hand in China’s floor industry in the near future.


  • Water-base Floor Paint Trumps Solvent-based Floor Coating

At present in China, 80% of the floor coating is solvent-based, while water-based floor paint only makes up a very small proportion. On the one hand,the wide application of solvent-based floor paint has led to many pollution issues, severely threatening our health. Therefore, it is absolutely against China’s green building policy. On the other hand, there are a lot of disadvantages about its paving, including swelling, peeling, etc. In comparison, water-base floor paint trumps solvent-based floor coating in every aspect.  


  • Chinese Government’s Stricter Standard on VOC

In order to control the emission of VOC(volatile organic compounds) which has reached 18 million tons per year, causing serious health and environmental problems, in 2015 the Chinese government planed on issuing a new standard in 2016 to limit the amount of harmful substance contained in floor paint. It is believed that this new standard can raise the environmental awareness of floor paint companies and encourage them to upgrade and transform their products, which means that more companies will devote their efforts to the development of water-based floor paint.  

  • Consumers Putting Wellness First

With the enhancement of living conditions, residents are attaching more and more importance to their wellness, especially the wellness of their next generation. For example, it was reported that last year in Shenzhen, a crowd of parents protested in front of a primary school and asked the school to close down because they suspected their children’s sickness had something to do with the strange smell emitted from the the school’s newly paved race track. Later, the part of the race track, which showed excessive toluene and xylene level, was demanded to be removed. Therefore, it is foreseeable that in the future costumers will prefer water-based floor paint because it is odorless and nontoxic.


However, in order to upgrade their products to water-based floor paint, floor coating companies will need strong technical supports and innovative ability, exactly the two things we are in dire need of. Hence, Chinese floor companies sincerely invite oversea outstanding companies to come to share their experience or enter China’s floor market to have a win-win competition. And where will Chinese companies be? China Guangzhou International Floor Fair 2017 (CGFF2017)!


Gathering the leading floor enterprises in China every year, CGFF is a demonstration, trade and cooperation platform for the world’s floor industry. Based on last year’s success, CGFF2017 will surpass everyone’s expectation once again. If you have decided to exhibit or visit, please contact us so that we can send you some useful information to ensure you a fruitful trip.



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